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High quality legal services

Brief in English

Asianajotoimisto Kurki-Suonio's attorneys offer high quality legal services also in English. We are based in Päijät-Häme having offices in Lahti and Heinola.

Services for private clients

We offer services related to family law, suchs as testaments, estate inventories and divisions. We assist also in child custody, visitation right and support issues. Our experienced attorneys have also long experince in court proceedings both in civil and criminal law. In criminal proceedings we usually represent the plantiff/injured party.  

Services for corporate clients

We are focused to serve our corporate clients especially with matters related to corporate and commercial law, M&A transactions and corporate taxation. In particular legal issues and proceedings related to housing and construction law is our core expertise. We also assist corporate clients both civil and criminal court proceedings.   

Pricing and general terms

Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association and we comply with the Finnish Bar Association's code of conduct.

Our fees are time-based and the degree of difficulty of the assignment also affects the hourly price. Situations and assignments vary so in certain situations we can also agree on a pre-agreed price. 

Hourly price frame:

  • Corporate clients: 230 - 270 €/hour + VAT 24  %
  • Private clients: 279 -310 €/h incl. VAT
  • Assignment related auxialiary work done by the office staff: 100 €/hour + VAT 24 %

Time billing is based on the starting 15 minutes period. In addition to the agreed fee we charge travel expences, possible authority fees and other direct costs arising from handling the assignment. Compensation of general office expences is included in the fees. 

You can find other general terms of our services attached below.